Terms And Conditions

  • Thank you for choosing Algorithmics Riyadh Saudi Arabia to help you or your child with programming learning. Please take the time to read through the Terms & Conditions that are outlined in this document. You accept the Terms & Conditions in this document once you register.
  • Fees are calculated separately for each educational program and are payable one time, or in four installments, and discounts may apply.
  • All fees are due in the enrollment. If you don’t have a payment arrangement set up before the course, we may not allow you to attend classes. Enrollments will not be accepted without payment.
  • The fees on your invoice may not be altered for any reason.
  • If you are not able to pay on time but wish to be enrolled in the program, please, contact us riyadh@alg.academy to discuss available options.
  • In the event of a class cancellation, you will not be charged for that class.
  • In case if a student is unable to attend one class, no refunds are available. Algorithmics will provide to the student the full access to all class materials online. One-time absence will not affect the student performance.
  • In case if a student is unable to attend two or more classes but willing to continue the course, We will seek to compensate him for alternative lessons as much as possible.
  • You can always cancel the registration and get a full refund if you are not satisfied until 48 hours before the start of the program.
  • In case if a student is not willing to continue the course within the first week, the price paid will be refunded after deducting 500 riyals.
  • In case if a student is not willing to continue the course within after the first week, the price paid will be refunded after deducting 500 riyals + 100 riyals for every lesson scheduled until the date of its withdrawal.
  • In case if Algorithmics Riyadh Saudi Arabia cancels a course or remainder of a course, students will be refunded the full amount of the number of cancelled classes.

  • Classes are timed on the teachers watch. Please ensure you are always early to your class to ensure you are not missing out on any class time.
  • The teacher will always endeavor to start and finish your class on time. In the event of a class starting late due to the instructor, the class will not be cut short, it will be extended to ensure students get the whole time that they paid for. For example, if the teacher is 5 minutes late starting your class, your class will finish 5 minutes later than scheduled.
  • We reserve the rights to cancel the classes at any time. In case we cancel the classes, we will notify you beforehand and will reschedule cancelled session/sessions.

  • Public Holidays
    • Classes are not held on official Public Holidays.

    • If you know you are going to be absent for any reason, please inform the supervisor or your teacher.
    • We provide laptops and all necessary equipment to our students. However, if you feel more comfortable working with your own laptop, you may bring it with you.
    • For Algorithmics online classes, students need any laptops or desktops with an Internet connection.
    • Tablets do not support using software.

    • Algorithmics teachers will supervise the children during the class time only. Supervision before and after the class is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Algorithmics Riyadh Saudi Arabia are not responsible for children outside of the scheduled class. Please, pick up your child on time.
    Safety & Health
    • The educational program does not imply any health hazard activities. Algorithmics teachers supervise students to prevent any unfortunate accidents during classes. However, we carry no responsibility for any injury, death, loss or damage to the student’s personal belongings during classes.
    • In case your child has a medical condition, please, ensure you have informed us of any special requirement.
    • Parents/guardians understand and are fully aware of the risks associated with their child participating in the activities and won’t suit, proceed, demand compensation of costs and expenses which may be taken or made against Algorithmics Riyadh Saudi Arabia and its staff.
    Photos & Videos
      • Algorithmics Riyadh Saudi Arabia may take photos and record videos during classes. The photos and videos may be used in advertising material for Algorithmics Riyadh Saudi Arabia including websites, social networks, local papers, flyers, and newsletters. If you do not wish to have your child photographed, please let us know